Artist in Residence

Artist In Residence

The Richardson Artist in Residence program provides Princeton University’s student performers with time and space to create high quality performances in a world-class venue, along with support from Richardson’s professional production and event staff. The residency is open to all types of performance art, including (but not limited to) dance, music, theater, and spoken word.

Current and past Artists in Residence have included:

  • Naacho Dance Company - 2024
  • DoroBucci - 2023
  • Sympoh - 2022
  • Tora Taiko - 2020
  • PUP presents Allison Spann's "Masquerade" - 2019
  • Ellipses Slam Poetry & PLOrk - 2018
  • Princeton University Ballet - 2017
  • Princeton Pianist Ensemble - 2016
  • diSiac Dance Company - 2015
  • PURE (Princeton University Rock Ensemble) - 2014

The Artist in Residence group is selected by a team of administrators and students from across the university. Please email Kathleen Coughlin, Associate Director of Performing Arts Services, at [email protected] for more information.